Client Comments

Robin Jackman“On the 6th August 2012, Laura Russell contacted me after hearing me on the TV and suggested I had my vocal cords checked as she thought she had detected a change in my voice.

Her diagnosis was a series of miracles. You see Laura just happens to love cricket and she just happens to enjoy listening to me and she just happened to be on maternity leave enabling her to watch more cricket than usual and she had just happened to have finished a specific course with her students on how to pick out a change in voice quality. She just happens to be very good at what she does and heard a change in mine and suggested I had a check-up. She just happened to have diagnosed my problem and caught it early.

On September 20th cancer of the vocal cords was confirmed, grade 1, the early stages. Two surgical procedures three weeks apart and 7 weeks of radiation followed and 15 months down the line I am clear and my voice is back.

I owe my livelihood to Laura Russell’s remarkable skill and expertise. We are constantly in touch and she continues to advise me on how I am sounding and what exercises I can do to maintain the quality of my voice. She is a very special and talented lady.”

– ROBIN JACKMAN (Supersport cricket commentator)


Laura Russell was recommended to us by the support group Heads Up – South in Cape Town, the voluntary organisation that provides support and help to Carers and Survivors of brain injuries.

Our daughter had a motor accident on the 31st March 2014 and sustained a severe head injury that affected the left hemisphere of her brain and in particular, the speech and language area. This left her with a severe apraxia of speech (the inability to convert thoughts into words) which she has been working on for 18 months now with invaluable input and support from Laura.

The bottom line is she has had to relearn her speech and language virtually from scratch.
Laura has been visiting Kerrin 2- 3times a week. Her patience, kindness, compassion and empathy, yet strong and gentle approach, is exactly what Kerrin has needed to help her take on this massive task.

Kerrin has been making slow but definite improvements in her long journey to full recovery. These improvements are due significantly to the work and the patience of Laura and are a testament to her considerable skill as a speech therapist. We owe a debt of thanks to her and would highly recommend Laura to anyone looking for private speech therapy assistance.

–  BARBARA AND NIALL O’HAGAN (Parents of Kerrin O’Hagan)